After showing interest in our services we will arrange for a personalized meeting to discuss what your needs are. We have a proprietary Cheers For The Years’ Client Questionnaire which will help us craft a customized Celebration of Life event to honour your deceased loved one.

After listening to you and learning about your loved one, we will then create a unique Celebration of Life event and present our proposal to you.

It will include everything from helping you manage your guest list and creating your personalized ‘Save the Date Invitations’ to working with your venue of choice, entertainment and family and friends speaking, to following up with all of your vendors and attendees after your event.

Our fee is based on the number of attendees:

Attendee Package Amount of Attendees
Gold 1 - 50
Sapphire 51 - 150
Emerald 151 - 250
Consultation ‘Celebration of MY Life’ – This service is geared towards people who wish to have a Celebration of Life of their own life and wish to be integrated into the planning process. These clients really know what they want and how they wish to be remembered themselves someday.

We have four different levels of Services which are based on the amount of attendees. Our fees are also based on the amount of attendees and options requested by our clients.

For those people who wish to pre-arrange their own Celebration of Life to be conducted after their death, we offer a ‘Cheers For My Years’ Consultation service.