Testimonials from People Attending Virtual Celebrations of Life


*  I think that this is something that we all needed to ‘close the circle’. It’s definitely been an interesting couple of days with all the feelings that were brought back to the forefront in doing the Celebration as well as the emails that I’ve received since.


*  Thanks again to Christine, Allen and your son for all your help and I look forward to viewing the finished products.


*  It was a beautiful coming together and so meaningful for us! Very moving for me, profound really to take in all the words about my Dad, to see him honored in the way he was. We had 50-60 in attendance. I don't think we finalized the actual numbers, but it was a great turn out.


* Thanks to your guidance Christine & Allen, we went forward with this on our own after many consultations with you both. So we got off to a rocky start trying to do some last minute slide show changes when we should have just been grounding and getting ready.......so it definitely was not "perfect" by any stretch of the imagination and we probably should have used your help administrating the service, and took on a lot in our programming but we are appreciative of the guidance you gave us and certainly learned so much in the process. As I said in hindsight, I probably should have hired you to do the tech piece so Barry could just "host" and Jason and I could be more relaxed during the program but that's ok.....it was really wonderful. 

* Thank you both so much for your time, assistance, and support during this process. Truly, it was a valuable part of our process and we are grateful to have gotten support from you


* I have to say that the help you provided us really helped make this a better experience - -the positive feedback and enthusiastic support, the great ideas, and the technical tips throughout were invaluable to us. You are very real, approachable, committed and passionate about what you do, and very good at it -- if you ever need a testimonial, I'd be happy to provide one. I know you didn't do the "whole thing" for us, but if we can share our positive feedback in any way that is helpful to you, please don't hesitate to ask. And of course, I will share your contact info and our experience with anyone who may (unfortunately) need it in the future.....


* Thank you so much for your amazing efforts to help us put together the wonderful Celebration of Life for Dad today!  We have received so many compliments from the guests about how classy and respectful it was.  The videos turned out great and the itinerary was very well balanced.  Dad would be very proud!  I'm wondering if you would be able to provide us with the final list of the attendees from the Zoom gathering?  I would like to reach out to everyone with a personal thank you.  Also, we've had a few requests for the recording of the event from family and friends, and we would like a copy too.  When you get the chance, would you mind letting us know how we can disburse some copies?



*Thank you so much, Allen and Christine, for all your help to pull this together and have it go off smoothly!  I really appreciate your support as I worked through getting pictures and emails together and coming up with the flow.  I think it went very well!  I've had several folks tell me just how wonderful it was to have such a Celebration 


*What you created for all of our family was nothing short of admiration. I was honoured for what you helped to create for my younger sister. I would not have missed it for the world. There were some laughs, some stories to remember so many times in her life & yes there were some tears also because we are really going to miss her. But what was also found in my heart of a lasting legacy she left all of us through all the wonderful times we all got to treasure with her Celebration of Life. I've never witnessed or heard of what you do, but like I said, it was nothing short of admiration for all you created. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

*Allen and Christine,

I am absolutely over the moon as to what you produced, you actually made my day very easy to execute and Allen’s steady encouragement of “ your going to do fine” did wonders for me and my preparation. My phone was blowing up with messages after the event and I now know WE did my wife proud and this day is a day no one on line will soon forget. You both did a brilliant job with the video tributes and your patience with emails I would task you two with, my experience with you has left me so completely satisfied and very happy. Thank you a 1000 times and I’m so grateful that friends and family stumbled across “Cheers For The Years”. You're very special people because it takes special people to do what you're doing. I wish you nothing but continued success.



*What a joyful celebration! It really captured the spirit! I loved the poem, music, beautiful eulogy  and all the shared memories. Best of all was seeing your family together expressing love and gratitude for a one-of-a-kind wife, mother, grandmother and sister. So special to see Family that were always so kind to my mom after our dad passed away. Really  appreciated how our uncle called to check in on her and keep her up-to-date on what was happening with your family. I know you are now surrounding him with love after the irreplaceable loss (56 yrs!) of is beautiful wife!


*Thank you for sharing the stories; I will always remember taking her taking out her daughter out to "touch the full moon". It makes me smile to imagine it. How fun a mom is that?  I walked down to our church this morning to say a rosary and said "hi" to  her. She will continue to inspire me no matter how old I get. I will also think of her whenever I get an ice cream cone or enjoy the "little things" in life. "Cheers for Years" was a fitting tribute - as we say in Wisconsin "ya did good”


*It was a beautiful celebration and I was so happy to be part of _________ replied...

We really enjoyed the opportunity to remember the many good times with both Mary Ann and Gene while they were in Plymouth and Maple Grove. We will all miss Mary Ann's texts and thoughtful cards. The kids ( Ann and Liz) sat in with us and also had many great memories from their younger days on Vinewood Lane behind your house. Thanks for the work you guys did in putting everything together. It was great to see everyone. Take care and keep up the positive vibes

In Person Celebration of Life


*It was excellent. The best celebration I have ever seen.


*Thank you to the entire family for all the work that went into sharing your lives and his Life with all of us. It was a wonderful remembrance of him with so many amazing videos and pictures. Thank you for the wonderful appies and wine. It was truly a work of love .


*We were so honoured to be part of this wonderful tribute to an amazing man. He was loved by family and friends and will forever be in our hearts.

* enjoyed seeing videos and seeing a side of him that I had never seen.


*Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful Celebration of Life. It was a warm, full of love and kindness gathering. I am forever grateful to your dad for being such a wonderful, caring, and very supportive person.


Testimonials from guests attending via the Life Stream


*Hi everyone, sending love and thoughts. All the love from Your family in Toronto


*Wish I was there with you. Such beautiful videos and photos


*Lots of love to you. My heart is with you and in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your stories, the love and memories. Remember...... "its not a goodbye, its a see you later"


*This is a wonderful tribute. Thank you. Thanks for sharing all of this with us!


*I am sorry I was unable to attend your dad’s services, but the Live Stream was wonderful. Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of remembering this wonderful man. He will be missed by many.


*Dear family and friends. I attended The tribute via live remote viewing and I just want you to know how much I appreciated the opportunity. Your efforts putting together the slideshow pics/videos was splendidly done as it provided a most informative picture of his character, talents and his friendship and love for others. He is and always will be a great role model for others on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


*Thank you to the entire family for all the work that went into sharing your lives and his life with all of us. It was a wonderful remembrance of him with so many amazing videos and pictures. Thank you for the wonderful appies and wine. It was truly a work of love . He will be missed by many but none more than you.


*It was an honour to be able to participate in the Celebration of Life via Live Stream. and it was an event he would have been both humbled and appreciative of.


*Thank you for including us in the Live Stream of this beautiful Celebration of Life . Such a wonderful man. He will be so missed.