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‘Cheers For The Years Limited’ is a new business adventure which competes in the event planning industry. As opposed to competing with multi-service event planners, ‘Cheers For The Years’  specializes in Celebration of Life events. The company was inspired by the death of a very personal friend of the two major shareholders, who after attending his Celebration of Life event organized by his spouse, realized what a profound effect the event had for a deceased loved one’s friends and family.

Cheers For The Years is a family owned business. It is a federally incorporated company. Its principals have 10 years of event planning experience, 10 years of food and beverage experience, 20 years of education experience as well as 40 years of investment management experience and building businesses.

Christine Ransome, a co-owner of Cheers For The Years, has been involved in the educational industry for just over twenty years. Christine has taught primary school children in both public and private schools. Christine also ran a consulting business, Educate Your Way, which focused on meeting the needs of parents who were frustrated by educational systems that were not satisfying their children’s academic requirements. Christine worked alongside parents and children together to fulfill those needs. Christine has lived in several continents. As an expat living in Barbados, Christine joined the Canadian Women’s’ Club where she volunteered her time raising money for the Children’s Trust which helped underprivileged groups throughout the Island. Christine is also an accomplished author having written a murder mystery book.

Allen Ransome, a co-owner of Cheers For The Years, has been involved in the investment management industry for forty years. Allen was a Portfolio Manager and acted as the Managing Director for RBC Dominion Securities in Barbados. After setting up the Private Banking facilities for Scotiabank International, he accepted a role as a Director with Scotiabank International where he acted as their Head of Investments. Allen’s greatest strengths over the years was building relationships, listening to his clients’ needs and fulfilling them.

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