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Celebrate MY Life

One of the largest Lotto winners of all time, Scottish Colin Weir, died in December 2019. He and his wife won 161 EuroMillions ($212 million Canadian). From the moment he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November of 2019, he was determined to throw a party for his friends and family; a party to remember him by.

He booked out one of the grandest ballrooms at the Trump Turnberry Hotel and treated all of his friends to the biggest and grandest party. His friends and family were treated to lobster and drank champagne at 340 pounds sterling (just over $500 Canadian) a bottle.


Colin set aside 1 Million Pounds Sterling ($1.74 million Canadian) to throw his party.

Cheers For The Years is a Canadian Event Planning Company that specializes in Celebrations of Life parties. One of its services caters to people like Colin Weir who know that they are dying and wish to have a say in what kind of party they want to throw for their friends and family after they have passed. It’s called Celebrate MY Life and can be found on our web page Such an event for the dying person allows that person to express how he/she has felt about his/her life and how they wish to be viewed by their friends and family. It is usually a very creative event, full of laughter and great memories.

Give us a call at 778-940-6412 or contact us at to find out more… Ask for Christine or Allen

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