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Celebrating A Loved One's Life....Virtually!

We at Cheers for the Years are heartbroken knowing that so many families are wanting to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One that has recently passed, but being understandably nervous and uncomfortable about doing so.


The Coronavirus Outbreak has taken away many things in our lives, that we have taken so much for granted over the years, and we understand your fear, sadness and the many frustrations you must be presently experiencing in these unusual times.

Coronavirus has made everything more difficult and extremely challenging, but we at Cheers for the Years are up for the challenge, and can take away from you unnecessary stress in such emotional times.


A Celebration of Life is still manageable.

If getting together physically is presently outside of your Comfort Zone, OR your Time Zone, we can offer another approach.


A Virtual Celebration of Life.


The ability to get together with family and friends to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One who has sadly passed, is still needed and wanted in these difficult and heartbreaking times. Possibly more so than ever.

It is a time to share memories, laugh together, cry together and to bring some closure to family and friends in an united way.


Using Zoom, Cheers for the Years can organize a Celebration of Life for your Loved One who had recently passed.


We can accommodate up to 100 people on line.

We can contact your guests by phone, invitations or emails and discuss with them the things they want to share, their memories, their photos, their music....everything that they loved about their Loved One that has passed.


We will organize and put together speeches from guests.

We can put together slideshows of the most beautiful photos of your Loved One that you want to share with your guests.

We can play His/Her favourite music list compiled by you, or heartfelt songs compiled by us.

We can arrange to have you and your guests toasting champagne together and truly

Celebrating the Life of your Loved One.


It can all still be done.

Just a little differently, but it can be done.

We at Cheers for the Years can do this for you and relieve you of one more pressure in these unsettled and difficult times.


We are all about family.

We know that is all that matters.


Base fee of $90             


  • Free unlimited consultation(s)

  • Up to 100 guests 

  • Free Unlimited speakers

  • Professional event facilitators

  • Guest invitations

  • 2 Memory slideshows

  • Planning sessions

  • Rehearsal with speakers

  • Speaker technical setup

  • ZOOM administration and reporting

  • Recording of service

  • Editing of recording and distribution

  • Thank You Notes to your guests

  • Additional charges                     INCLUDES:

  • Greater than 100 guests (additional $.00 to cover band width fees)

  • Additional Memory slideshows $100 / slide

  • GST Tax 

  • Compared to (Industry average: $2,700)

  • Coordinate with  venue

  • Save-the-Date electronic announcements

  • Electronic invitations

  • Thank you follow-ups

  • Full audio & video setup

  • Administer and monitor guests

  • Professional event management

  • Create Program for Event

  • Allow virtual guests to participate in program -Recording of  Virtual

  • Arrange musician / videographer

  • Personalized décor

  • Coordinate catering

  • Options

  • Itinerary handouts

  • Photo brochure handouts

  • Poster creation 

  • Live Venue event planning fee starting at $2,000 up to 50 guests

  • Streaming Fee of $1,250 +$0.75 / viewer to cover band width fees)

  • Photography - $300

  • Master of Ceremonies - $200

  • Additional Memory slideshows $100.00 / slideshow

  • GST Tax

Virtual Now
In-Person Later
  • Everything in Virtual and:

  • Venue Selection* & Negotiation

  • Personalized Catering

  • Event Experience & Decor

  • Audio/Visual Elements

  • Memorial Activities

  • Florists

  • Charitable causes

  • Following social distancing guidelines

  • Base Virtual Fee of $900

  • Live venue event planning fee starting at $2,000 up to 50 guests

  • Gather In-Person & Virtually

  • Photography - $300

  • Master of Ceremonies - $200

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