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Are You Planning for the Year Ahead?


Such wonderful and encouraging news that perhaps a vaccine for this deadly Coronavirus is in the making. How wonderful it would be if a vaccine was in place for perhaps next Spring/Summer and the World can hopefully get back to a little bit of normalcy once again.


But for some of us, life will never be normal as we once knew it.

Having lost a Loved One during this awful pandemic and not to be able to say goodbye in a traditional manner that we have all been accustomed to, is a tragic loss in so many ways.


We at Cheers for the Years truly understand and recognize what a feeling of sadness and frustration you must be experiencing during these difficult times.

Cheers for the Years has tried to work through this Pandemic by suggesting a variety of possible locations where a Celebration of Life could be safely carried out, following strict Provincial Guidelines.


We are also offering a Virtual Celebrations of Life if physical venues are presently outside your comfort zone.


However, a vaccine is now hopefully upon us, and to once again be able to plan a beautiful physical get together to Celebrate a Loved One’s Life may indeed be in the foreseeable future.

Postponed Weddings, Birthday Parties, Engagement and Graduation Parties are already rescheduling for next year. People are hopeful that Celebrations will be possible soon and are booking up venues at incredible rates.


What would your venue be for a Celebration of Life?

What were your Loved One’s hobbies?

What were their Passions/Wishes?

What were their Dreams?

What distinguished them from others and made them that special person in your life?

What made that Loved One Unique?



Rebuilding, sharing and remembering a beautiful life helps us move forward and brings some closure to everyone.

Let us at Cheers for the Years help you do that.

We can help you choose and book a suitable venue for your loved one’s Celebration of Life.

We can organize the guest invitations, music, slideshows and all aspects of building g and creating a beautiful Celebration of Life for your Loved One.


Virtual Celebrations of Life work well right now in this surreal era we are presently living in.

It gives closure, in the only way we can right now.

But booking ahead, for more physical Celebration of Lives is also another option.


Allow us to create a bridge for you from Virtual to Reality.


Next year we will all want to celebrate missed occasions in so many ways.

Event locations are already booking for the year ahead.


We can help you find that perfect spot for your loved one’s Celebration of Life.

Whether a Golfer, Gardner, Wine Connoisseur or perhaps a Sailor, there is a venue for everyone. Or even just in your own home.


Cheers for the Years can help you move on from Virtual to Reality when the time comes.

That time will come and Cheers for the Years will be there for you.


But meanwhile a Virtual Celebration is also here for you.

And from there let's plan our Physical one. Just a continuation from one beautiful event to another.


Celebrations will never relinquish. Now more than ever we need to be around each other and hopefully that day will be soon.


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