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Please join us with our collection of articles dealing with an array of issues when creating a wonderful Celebration of Life for a loved one.













Honouring A Loved One's Legacy During The Festive Season


The festive season heralds joyous melodies of Christmas music, the cheer of New Year celebrations, and the warmth of families coming together. Yet, amidst these jubilant moments, the absence of a cherished Loved One can cast a poignant shadow. It's a time when emotions, both joyful and sorrowful, collide, creating a unique tapestry of feelings.


At Cheers for the Years, we understand the emotional journey our clients undertake while organizing a Celebration of Life during this time. It's not merely coordinating an event; it's navigating a sea of emotions. Our dedicated team provides empathetic support, offering a safe space to express these feelings while crafting a tribute that honours the life lived.


In our journey through life, the connections we build and the memories we create remain etched in our hearts forever. At Cheers for the Years, we understand the significance of celebrating these Legacies. Our heartfelt mission revolves around curating beautiful Celebrations of Life, providing solace and a meaningful tribute for families and friends.


As the world evolves, so do our ways of commemorating those we hold dear. In British Columbia, Canada, we extend our physical presence to craft unforgettable gatherings. However, with the rise of Virtual Connectivity we've embraced the opportunity to create global moments of remembrance, uniting families across borders and time zones.


Whether it's a Virtual Gathering or a Physical Event, the essence remains the same—to honour and celebrate a life that touched our hearts. At Cheers for the Years, our dedicated team collaborates with families to curate personalized tributes. From sharing cherished memories to incorporating unique elements that reflect their Loved One's spirit, our aim is to create a Celebration of Life that resonates deeply with all those who attend.


Organizing a Celebration of Life during the festive season is an act of honouring the presence of the departed. It's about weaving their essence into the fabric of our celebrations, acknowledging their impact on our lives, and finding solace in remembering the love and joy they brought.


Cheers For The Years

Celebration of Life Event Planner

Virtually across the Globe

In Person across Beautiful British Columbia 

Celebrations of Life Offer a Departure from the Conventional Funeral Setting.

In moments of loss, finding solace can be a challenging journey. However, an emerging trend is changing the landscape of how we say goodbye to our loved ones. At Cheers for the Years, we're committed to turning the traditional somber atmosphere of funeral homes into celebrations that honour a life well-lived.

Celebrations of Life offer a departure from the conventional funeral setting. By embracing a more joyful approach, we focus on celebrating the vibrant moments, accomplishments, and passions that defined the individual's journey.

Our celebrations are a reflection of the person's unique personality. From incorporating their favourite colours, hobbies, and even music, we create an environment that truly celebrates the individuality of their life story.


While funerals are often associated with grief, a Celebrations of Life encourages connections and shared memories. Laughter, stories, and heartfelt anecdotes create a nurturing environment where mourners find solace in each other's company.

Our celebrations aren't limited to traditional funeral homes. We believe that meaningful locations, such as golf clubs, yacht club, wineries or places of personal significance, can offer a more uplifting backdrop for reflection and remembrance.


A Celebration of Life doesn't diminish the sorrow of loss; rather, it helps balance it with positive memories. This approach encourages mourners to cherish the good times, fostering a sense of gratitude for the time shared with their Loved One.


Transforming the way we bid farewell is a profound step toward embracing the fullness of life itself. At Cheers for the Years, we are committed to crafting Celebrations of Life that honour legacies, encourage healing connections, and bring positivity to the forefront of the mourning process. By choosing a Celebration of Life you're choosing to celebrate the essence of a person's journey, leaving behind a legacy of love and gratitude.

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First In-Person Celebration of Life Since the Onset of Covid


October 16th, 2021  

Allen and Christine at Cheers for the Years, would like to thank

Ruth Ann, Jenny and their wonderful staff at Gallaghers Canyon Clubhouse, in Kelowna, BC, Canada, for their excellent service at our first in person Celebration of Life since the beginning of Covid-19.

We were honoured to be asked to plan such a beautiful event. It was extremely emotional and heartwarming, and the staff were kind and sensitive to everyone’s needs.

Our videographer live streamed the event to friends and family around the world who could not be in attendance due to travel and or COVID-19 restrictions, but they were able to share their memories from afar, sending messages which were read at the Celebration of Life.

We look forward to hosting many more of these events, bringing family and friends together to laugh and cry, sharing heartfelt memories of their Loved One.

Thank you to you all for your wonderful support.

Travel Restrictions ???



This is such sad news. Just as we all thought that the world was opening up a little once again, we seem to be moving towards further restrictions.

I myself, at Cheers for the Years, have just recently booked a flight from Canada to the United Kingdom to visit all my Family and Loved Ones in February, thinking that it would be safe to finally travel, being double vaccinated, booster and flu shot.

The thought of cancelling truly devastates me, but I am also devastated by all the families and friends around the world that are unable to get together and Celebrate a Beautiful Loved One's Life.

Loosing a Loved One is never easy. I know. My mother passed when I was fifteen, and although the pain will always be unforgettable, having my family and friends all together to support each other and lean on each other in so many different ways was immense.

After all those years, I remember it well in my home in Scotland.

But now that is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, and just as we thought we were getting out of this mess, another mess seems to be beginning.

But we at Cheers for the Years are truly hoping we can help.

Allow us to help you to bring Family and Friends together from across States, Provinces,

Countries, and Continents….wherever your Families and Friends reside.

We can put you all on the same page, allowing each and everyone of you to reunite, share stories movies, memories of your Loved One passed and Celebrate their Beautiful Life.

Cheers for the Years has been honoured to organize many beautiful Celebrations of Life for wonderful families across Europe, the USA and Canada. We have managed to get together so many Friends and Families who were unable to get together due to Covid, Financial or Time restrictions on the same page. And how wonderful was that?

Just recently, as these restrictions have eased a little, we have also done a few In Person Celebrations of Life for Friends and Family who live locally in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. What a joy that was to physically being together with friends and family again and Celebrate a Beautiful Life.

But once again, circumstances have become a little daunting.

However, Cheers for the Years wants you to know that we can accommodate all your needs.

Your Families Needs.

Your Friends Needs. 

Virtually or Physically, we can make it work for you.

Let’s Celebrate a Beautiful Life.

Virtually or Physically…wherever your comfort zone lies

By using ZOOM and the art of VIRTUAL SHARING, we have opened up A WHOLE NEW WORLD.

We at CHEERS FOR THE YEARS would be honoured to assist you in planning a VIRTUAL celebration of life anywhere across our Globe, or an IN PERSON event if residing in British Columbia Canada.

Please allow us to help you to complete your journey.

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